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BETA Release Empty BETA Release

on Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:35 pm
We have waited months for revival on BETA and the time is almost among us to see all our bots come online for the very first time since the launch of Metro in December 2017, all our staff have put so much work into the bots and server for everyone to enjoy what we do. Since we started on December 21st 2017 we only had 1 bot (Metro aka "Steve") but now we have grown so much since we released more bots.

With all the bots Metro has to offer, all 5 will be public but Premium will remain a paid bot.

- ipadpuppydogdude1 - Bringing our bots to life with great features in every update.
- Nicole & Chloe - Bringing the bots to servers for all to use when needed.
- KJLAD_D & Chao - Designing the logos and website for Metro.
- Administration Team - Being there for the Moderation Team and clients of Metro.
- Moderation Team - Helping when needed for clients.

Message from the Creator
I want to thank everyone who have been with us from day 1, I have worked with so much determination, passion and pride in getting working bots across Discord. It has been a struggle for us at the first week of the Standard bot coming online, there was some bugs but we worked around that and now we have had no issues (yet) with the bot cutting off randomly and breaking on us. I thank my staff who helped along the way and being there for the server, they mean a lot to me and for that I am greatful. I intend to keep bringing Metro to users all the time.
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